About Geoffrey Cobb

Geoffrey Cobb is a Brooklyn historian and high school teacher who has lived in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn for more than a quarter century.

His writing is an attempt to chronicle the untold history of North Brooklyn.  He has written three books on the area.

Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Forgotten Past approaches more than three hundred and fifty years of local history thematically, with vignettes about many of the characters of the area’s past.

The King of Greenpoint describes the last Tammany Hall style ward boss in New York City history, Peter McGuinness, an unforgettable character.

His latest book, The Rise and Fall of the Sugar King, describes how Williamsburg Brooklyn was transformed by the sugar industry into one of the most heavily industrialized places in the world and how the Havemeyer family grew wealthy refining sugar there.

Mr. Cobb. is also a frequent contributor to the blog Greenpointers.com and Irish America magazine.

You can contact Geoffrey Cobb here.